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Satin Silk Scrunchies

  • The scrunchies and bow headbands in Banavees are specially made with remnant and scrap fabrics that are bought from our local fabric stores. What are remnant fabrics you ask? They are balance fabric from a roll, which are usually about 1 to 3 meters in length and is usually kept aside as people may find them too little to buy for their projects. Over a period of time, if these fabrics are not sold, they are trashed. In order to reduce some textile waste in our area, we at Banavees are trying our best we can with small projects like these.

    Since they are all made from the limited fabric that we have, grab yours soon if you like any of them. Also, if you ever need a hairband or hair-tie, why not choose a SUSTAINABLE option to make the world we live in a better place ❤️

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