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The Banavees Story


Our story began as I, a Malaysian born Indian who loved the world of fashion and the difference in every ethnicity around me could never really find a brand of clothing that could bring my Asian culture out and alive. Everytime there was a function, I’d be expected to wear a saree, a suit or a traditional Malay attire. This always led me to just mix and match my outfits to bring out the Asian in me. Growing up with a multicultural background of family and friends made me feel and realize that there were more like me, that would love to bring about the class and elegance of all our traditional attires collectively. 

The idea of this brand first came to me when I would pick out a saree from my moms massive wardrobe of sarees but later on realize I could not wear it as her blouses would not fit me or would not be in a style I would like to wear it. Sewing a blouse for each individual saree would only break the bank and when I do sew a blouse that could match a few outfits, my friends would ask me to design one for them. Having a dream of being a designer from childhood led me to pursue my dreams and create my fusion outfits that hopefully suits your style.

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with love,


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