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Viscose is a natural fabric that is made using the viscose fibre. This fibre is extracted using a special process that involves dissolving wood pulp and regenerating it in the form of fibres. Viscose is a manufactured fibre that is made using natural materials and the final product is very similar to naturally occurring fibres such as cotton in terms of look and feel. 

For Suta products, viscose fibre as weft is woven with cotton fibre as warp to create a fabric that is a magical blend of the comfort of cotton and the subtle shine of viscose. This fabric feels beautifully soft to the skin. 

Ma's Sapphire And Rose Quartz Ring

RM225.00 Regular Price
RM175.00Sale Price
  • Length:  5.5 meters ; Width: 47 inches

    Blouse Piece: No

    Wash Care: Dry Wash

    Fabric: Mul-Viscose Slub 

    Disclaimer:  The pictures are clicked in daylight. Colour may vary slightly from the image due to the screen brightness

  • There are some things, beautiful things, that go unnoticed until one day when you look back and truly see them. Her ring was one such thing. When she patted me to sleep, the ring would shine away in silence like a pretty night lamp. It would add its essence to every delicious meal she cooked for us. Now, living miles away, it still glitters like a star that leads me home. And, when I visit, I’ll be sure to give it a kiss as soon as I kiss Ma!

    This spell-binding blue saree in a mul and viscose slub blend is a piece of beauty!

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